An extension for
mindful shopping
Designed to restore mindfulness in online shopping. We help you shop better, not more, by encouraging you to slow down and think twice before you shop.
Track, organize and visualize your items
At The Sloth, we believe that “what gets visualized, gets managed.” Designed for shoppers looking for style, speed, and sustainability, we give you the tools you need to shop smart and resell even smarter.
Resell without hassle
When you’re ready to move on, simply say “thank you, next – ” and request your product to be relisted at up to three resale marketplaces. Sit back, relax, and ship when your item sells.
Your personal style in one place
Follow friends and discover their favorite brands or style. Shop or swap items from their closet seamlessly.
Designed for modern shoppers looking for style, speed, and sustainability